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   baptized      beggar      bishop      cape      century      goose      horse      legend      soldier      sword   

Martin of Tours was born in Sabaria (today Steinamanger in German, or Szombathely in Hungarian) and lived in the 4th . St. Martin was a roman who unlike most of his kind helped the poor. He was when he was grown up and became a monk.
He was a very good and kind man.
The legend goes that he rode his through ice and snow when he spotted a on the side of the road whom was half frozen. So Martin took his and cut his in half and gave one half to the beggar.
In Austria St. Martin is honored every year on the 11th of November with a parade for his great generosity.
The , animal symbol of St. Martin, is a common meal around St. Martin's Day. There is a saying that geese have betrayed him with their gabbling when he tried to hide in a stall as he was to be appointed .